Who Are We?

The Start-Up Drinks Lab is an exciting, mould-breaking business that launched in June 2018. Based just outside of Glasgow, we are small batch bottling facility producing craft sodas, mixers, RTDs, beers and ciders for brands all around the UK. We are here to ensure all great craft drink ideas can make it to market. We offer help at all stages along the way, from concept through to shelf. Our services include recipe development, branding and small batching bottling.

The Start-Up Drinks Lab - Who Are We

Why We Started

The Start-Up Drinks Lab was created to solve the problem faced by the hundreds of small, craft drink producers that exist throughout the UK and into Europe. Given their smaller volumes, they find it incredibly difficult to find a third party manufacturer who can accept their lower volume runs. We, the two founders of The Lab, also have our own individual craft soda businesses, so we can relate to this challenge and felt passionate about solving the problem. Hence, The Lab was born!

The Start-Up Drinks Lab - Who Are We

What Customers Say About Us

“In November 2018 I approached the BSDA as I had developed a new Healthy Drink and need help bringing it to life in the market. They suggested a couple of companies who I discussed this with. The call to Hannah at The Start-up Drinks Lab was not only professional but they totally grasped where I wanted to go with it. The Start-up Drinks Lab is the ‘whole’ package and has an extensive list of contacts to assist you. I have an amazing relationship with them and look forward to the next stages of my development.”
Bernadette Maddocks – Founder of Hon Limited


How It All Began

Watch this quick film to find out how and why The Start-Up Drinks Lab started. 

Thanks to our friends at HMRC, we also have a compounding license. This means we can do small batch bottling for alcoholic drinks including RTDs (Ready to Drink), Beer and Cider.