Small Batch Bottling

After your trial production, we will have captured many learnings and made refinements about how your drink(s) react on a bottling line. Many larger, commercial contract manufacturers prefer to take on clients once these initial creases have been ironed out and you are confident/can afford their larger production volumes.

A staff member of The Start Up Drinks lab helps with the bottling process

A bridge to larger contract manufacturers

You should look to use our facility as a bridge between trial production runs and moving to the commercial, larger contract manufacturers. The advantage of the larger contract manufacturers is that they specialise in this service, as opposed to the innovation stage. Therefore you can increase your margins if you can commit to higher volume sized batches with a robust, “tried and tested” manufacturing method.

The Start Up Drinks lab bottling plant, a tidy and organised factory space.


But it’s not over yet….

Many clients use our facility post trial day to keep producing multiple smaller batches while they build up customer demand to warrant these larger batches. While we are not the long term solution given our fees, we do offer more favorable commercial terms once the trial day is past; double the volume per day for a lesser fee.

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