Craft Soda School

We run a one day Craft Soda School for teams looking for a unique experience. It’s the perfect team building experience that is ideal for small corporate teams looking to bond while their creative “juices” flow.  

The Start-Up Drinks Lab - Recipe Development

So, what does a corporate team building day look like at our Craft Soda School?

  • Breakfast is served while introductions are made.
  • Working together as a team, discuss what gaps may exist in the soda market.
  • Decide what drink you’ll make to fill that gap.
  • Spend a couple of hours making various prototypes of the chosen drink.
  • Agree upon the preferred prototype.
  • Lunch is served – as this is all thirsty work!
  • After lunch, one of our designers will join you to create your brand.
  • Design your bottle label.
  • The remaining time will be spent making your drink.
  • Session wraps up!
The Start-Up Drinks Lab - Recipe Development


But it’s not over yet….

A few weeks on and 200 bottles will be delivered to your office that will be fully labelled with your new brand. The perfect gift for colleagues or clients.  

The Start-Up Drinks Lab - Who Are We

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