Our Services


Hire our trial kitchen to test concepts and develop products. We love innovation and get super excited hearing all about your great ideas and how we, together, can revolutionise the craft soda market!

You are welcome to bring in your own food scientist or, if you need a suggestion, then just shout! We work with some of the UK’s leading food scientists.


We run batches from 500 Litres (that’s a fifth of the size of many other bottlers) because we are in this for the small producers. And as you grow, there is no limit with many of our customers running batches at 10,000 Litres.

We pasteurise, carbonate and can produce a wide variety of liquids ranging from still fruit juices through to heavily carbonated soft drinks.


We offer a variety of sizes of glass bottles and closure types (crown cap or screw top) along with the ability to apply body and neck labels. You’re product is going to look bl***y brilliant!

Although initially only bottling into glass, our ambitions don’t stop there as we plan to be able to offer you cans and plastic bottles in the near future.

Watch this space!


Many of our customers have fast growing businesses with a lot of repeat orders (happy days!) but only so much stock can fit in the garage!

We are delighted to offer storage facilities at our highly secure site where you can store your raw materials and/or finished drinks with regular access; removing at least one headache from servicing your increasing orders.

Our Location

You can find The Start-Up Drinks Lab at the following address:

Unit 5
Block D
Kelburn Business Park
Port Glasgow
PA14 6TD