The craft soda boom in coming and we want YOU to be part of it.

Did you know that 1 in 5 adults now go to the pub and choose not to drink alcohol. They don’t want to feel punished by the limited “soft” choice; instead seeking provenance, craftsmanship and experimental flavours from the soft drinks on offer.

The Start-Up Drinks Lab is an exciting, mould-breaking business launching on 1st March 2018. Based in the new Kelburn Industrial Estate in Inverclyde (PA14 6TD), it is a 3rd party manufacturing facility producing for craft soda for brands all around the UK.

The Start-Up Drinks Lab has been created to solve a problem faced by the hundreds of small, craft soda producers that exist throughout the UK and into Europe. Given their smaller volumes, they find it incredibly difficult to find a 3rd party manufacturer who can accept their lower volume runs. We, the 2 founders of The Lab, also have our own individual craft soda businesses so we can relate to this challenge and feel passionately about solving it. Hence The Lab was born!

Our vision is to be the most accessible, full service and trusted 3rd party manufacturer for small- medium sized craft soda producers. The Lab enables small, innovative soft drinks businesses to allow their ideas to become a reality by offering 4 services; innovation trials, manufacturing, packaging and storage. But we don’t stop at just manufacturing; once we have created a saleable soft drink, we then also provide a route to market, if the soda producer desires it. We utilise our strong off and on trade relationships with distributors at home and abroad to sell in a strong and varied portfolio of craft sodas.

We will be the ideas factory, supporting all creativity, innovation and experimentation within craft soda.

Help us, ensure every great craft soda idea can be created by being part of the team.

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Currently available positions:

Syrup Room Operator

Modern Apprentice – Factory Operator